Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Primal Journey

Today is the day I told my girls to say good-bye to bread because we are NO LONGER buying gluten products! As well as GRAIN products. I am in the process of ordering the Primal Blueprint to have all of the facts that are documented in it to increase my knowledge of the effects of eating the "Primal" way.

I started eating primal after my sister, Eileen, told me about her dedication to eating Paleo. This occurred in the Spring. She started inquiring and reading about this new way of eating after seeing and hearing first-hand the Primal story of her dear friend, Cherie.

Thank you Cherie for coming up here and sharing with us your amazing health results! Thank you Eileen for being such a great example of how to take charge and changing your lifestyle for the betterment of your lovely little family. Thanks to the Author Mark Sisson for the revolutionary information on properly taking care of our most prized possessions...OUR BODIES!!

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