Monday, August 23, 2010

Out of the loop!


I just found out that in trying to be in the know with my many, MANY family members (both blood and in-laws), keeping up with hair school requirements, keeping up the immediate family needs & wants, getting the girls ready for school, trying to find the EXACT color swatch of paint that I imagined in my head for my room, church, thank you notes, communicating with my very male and sometimes communication-challenged spouse, trying to hold onto my sanity during this all and NOT get sick or run-down, I have NOT been privy to SO MUCH of the happenings of my own ward family!! I feel like my youngest sibling, who ALWAYS felt like she was the VERY LAST to hear any kind of news, good or bad.

Not to mention that there have been various people in the ward who've asked me if my family's moving to New Zealand for 3-6 months over the winter season. I had NO IDEA that our little family could get such attention as such. Just to clarify for anyone who's heard that we are, we aren't going to NZ for that amount of time. I really do appreciate those that have come to me and have asked me personally to clarify, or verify this story. I am not easily offended (most of the time;) and will gladly let anyone know what we're up to:)

So NOT only have I been out of the loop of the happenings in my ward, some people have been out of the loop of the correct happenings of my family's life. IRONIC, huh? I hope that after I graduate from Hair School I will be able to have more time to be IN the LOOP with that area of my LIFE:)

For now, I will just have to be content with NOT being in that loop for now. Someday soon, hopefully. We'll see.

Just know that you all who are suffering from a loss one way or another, that you are in my prayers. I pray that you receive and let in the abundant comfort and love that is so readily waiting to surround you in warmth and peace of the purest love that our mortal minds can imagine, and more. That purest and all encompassing love that those who have passed to other side of the veil feel and are trying to share with us in our times of need. We just need to learn how to recognize it and let all of that pure love rush in and cocoon us. And when we are ready, that love will energize us to take that next step that seems so impossible to take, to start/continue the healing process.

Love and Peace be with you all on your individual journeys. My Heart and Love is always with you whether you know it or not.