Friday, August 5, 2011

WHEAT is difficult to NOT eat!

At least for my family! :( I really appreciate how they are supporting me in this decision. I am trying to show them by staying away from it how much BETTER their bodies will feel without it. The only difficult part about that is that feeling good isn't as noticeable (because it happens gradually) than feeling gross and achy. I can feel the affects of wheat within an hour or so of eating it! It's the craziest feeling. I start to get a pins and needles kind of sensation but in the left part of my head. Sugar highs are no fun either! Ok...well kind of fun when eating frozen yogurt:) *sigh* This is going to be a huge change for our family!

On a totally different note...I have 2 job interviews tomorrow!! I am excited!! As I was getting ready to run errands today, I thought to myself about the many things I learned while in Hair School. It was then it dawned on me, if you don't use lose it! I was starting to lose knowledge of different hair techniques and such!! This freaked me out, so I decided to just print out 4 copies of my resume and drop them by 4 Salons in the areas that I'd want to work. To my surprise 2 of the 4 places I left my resume scheduled an interview with me for tomorrow!! WHAT LUCK!!


1) Contact References on Resume to let them know I might be giving out their number at above interviews.
1a. Reference 1 verified via Phone Call - CHECK.
1b. Reference 2 verified via Cell Phone Texting - CHECK.
1c. Reference 3 verified via Facebook - CHECK.


2) Put together Portfolio!! CRAP!!

At hair school they told us to put together our resume and portfolio for job interviews...well guess who slacked on that one. YEP! ME!! I have a BUNCH of photos!! I just have NOT printed them out and organized them, yet. Yeah, I know, I should have but I didn't. I had resolved to let my potential employers know that I don't have my portfolio prepared when I remembered the whole reason my husband gave me my iPAD in the first place.

It was my graduation/birthday gift from him to hold my photos for my PORTFOLIO. I remembered how EXCITED he was to give it to me!! He was SUPER EXCITED about how new age and tech savvy I would look using the iPad at my interviews and even with my clients. Well, I didn't see myself that way. I was still shell shocked from the whole schooling experience so I didn't appreciate his foresight. To be honest, I was a bit of brat when he gave me iPad. I told him that he shouldn't have spent so much money. All I wanted was an iPod Touch. He should have waited for the iPad 2...etc. I was still as sweet as I could be in receiving this gift, but I am not that great of an actress. iPad lay in its case for almost 2 months before I took it out to start using it and understanding it. I am not the best with technology and I know that I don't use my devices nearly to their capacity. My iPad was just another device that I felt overwhelmed by.

Anyway, here I am, at present day SUPER EXCITED that I can put my portfolio together in an hour and take it with me on my iPad!! I am SOOO HAPPY that I don't have to wait for a store to open to print out my photos. I am ELATED that I don't have to worry about being artsy and making my portfolio "COOL" looking. (If I had the time, I would like that challenge, but I don't have the time. So yeah.) I am RELIEVED that I can show at least SOME of my past work!!

With that, I need to go and get my portfolio done!

I am grateful to my HUSBAND for knowing me enough to know that the iPad was the ONLY way I was going to be able to present my work! I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!! I am a very lucky girl!

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