Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craving PIZZA!! So we are trying this Paleo Pizza crust!


I have been craving pizza on and off for a week now. Today is the day I eat my pizza!! I am going to try this recipe that I got from this site .

I'll let you know how it turns out. I am super excited to try it tonight with the kids.
Off to the store I go, to get some organic coconut milk, mozzarella, parchment paper and pepperoni.

Oh MY GOODNESS!! I have FRESH SWEET BASIL picked fresh today from my Sisters garden to add to my version of Papa Murphy's "Me
diterranean" !! YAY!! I am EVEN MORE excited for dinner now!!


The house smelled divine!! Everyone was excited and anticipating home-made PIZZA. Who cares if it was Paleo we were excited to eat it! I gave us fresh carrots as a quick side dish. Well, we each took a bite of our pizza and "YUCK!" The kids opted to have more carrots instead of the pizza! It was Paleo alright. The pizza looks delicious enough, but the coconut crust was still a little on the sweet side, and was crumbly and cake like. I am going to use this dough recipe again, but for cobbler, or pies, or something else dessert like. I really like the recipe!! Just NOT for pizza. The person who put this recipe us also suggested a "nut cracker" recipe for people who like the crunchier pizza. I will definitely be trying this nut cracker recipe

next time I crave and attempt a PALEO pizza.

Do not worry, we did not waste the delicious toppings. We picked them off and ate them:)

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