Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why am I not DANCING???

That's the question I have been asking myself for a LONG while NOW!!

Why don't I dance like I used to?
Where's the time that I used to have to let loose, and just let the music move me?
When did my body get so TIRED!?
Will my husband take me to Ballroom dance classes again?

I have noticed that in being a "responsible" adult I have irresponsibly let go of some things that I need to help me cope with life. My default rituals I had set-up to help me feel happy and FREE! (Notice how I didn't say Young. I did that deliberately to let you all know that its the sense of FREE SPIRITEDNESS that I miss the most about my youth, and that's about it!) I love, Love, LOVE being an adult in every other way. But I the more"TO DO'S" that consume my life the less time I have for my de-stressing rituals (singing, dancing, playing sports, & writing in my journal). *THANK GOODNESS I had these rituals in my youth, or else my daughter Caydi might be 14 right now, instead of 7 ;) I'm just saying!*

I REALLY MISS & really enjoy these different sanity hobbies, and feel that now in my life they are more important than EVER!! I think that all 2 of us, (So far that's me and you, Eileen Sis:) need to try to reconnect with one of those FREEDOM RITUALS that help us recapture a bit of ourselves that made us feel happy and free! What do you say to my challenge? LET's MAKE 2010 a year to amalgamate the BEST of our YOUTHFUL selves with the BEST of our MODERN selves to make the BEST of OURSELVES that we can BE!! And I am starting by getting back into DANCING!!


  1. FREEEEEEEDOM!!! you GO girl!!!

  2. have you seen "Food, Inc." yet? As an O-type I wonder if organically grown red meat would do you better for more energy. too much GMO junk in most meats and foods these days.

  3. I'm a fan of this challenge, why do you think I put braces on my face this year! LOL! But seriously, why AREN'T you dancing? And why am I not.......wait, what did I used to do again? Looks like it's time for a little introspection on my part!!! I love you sis!

  4. Momo-THANK YOU for your SUPPORT!!

    Ominae- I haven't! That's on my things to do this weekend! I do love NZ Meat for that reason...corn is too expensive to feed the cows and livestock there. Too much grass to go hungry for them:) I miss their meat!

    Eileen-I KNOW!! You are good for it! Let me know what you are going to being doing again when you know!! I will let you know how successful I am at finding a place to dance! :) I'm not doing so much Poly dancing to try and save my knees. but I want to try ballroom and see how the knees like that one:) YA know?

    I love you 3 VERY VERY MUCH!! Thanks for your comments! :)

  5. Let's see if my comment will publish this time. *crossing fingers tightly*

    Hello cousin! I must begin by saying, your blog inspires me. Not only am I motivated to reunite with my inner, youthful self, but I have rekindle the urge for writing itself. It's time to feel more, write more. No shame. Here's to doing the things that make us feel alive again, and FREE! Dance like no one else is watching! That's one of my favorites.

    p.s. I love you cuz and am happy to get back in touch! We miss you guys!