Monday, March 1, 2010 we GOOOOOOOOO!!!!


(Thanks Sisters for being the first to join my following! You all ROCK!:)

I have FINALLY gotten HIP to this WHOLE BLOGGERSPERE thing-a-ma-bob! & I think that I'm going to like typing down my thoughts and having others read them with my KNOWLEDGE (*cough* Eileen, *cough* Ana - yeah, you've both admitted to reading my journals when we were young! All I can say is that was so BORING reading for you 2~). I know that I am going to LOVE hearing your comments on my posts!!

Anyways, to start this thing off right...I started a liver cleanse today, and gave me some WICKED CRAMPS!! It was ridiculous!! I think I might be allergic to Aloe Vera? I don't know how to prove that theory, so until I can, I'll keep on trying it. It's a crazy green drink that makes feel like I am drinking straight grass (that'd be the chlorophyl) and it makes me feel like a cow! MoooOOOOOOOoooo!

I feel a little crabby today! :( Hopefully, I'll get better tomorrow!

OH! Gotta go for now! Husbands up from working and probably expects to see some efforts towards dinner! The one night I volunteer to cook! OOPS!! Had to set up the BLOG first!! HAHAHAHA!!!


  1. Hey Gairyn, so good to see you've joined the blogosphere!! I'll add your link to my page if that's alright. Can't wait to keep up and your goings on!

  2. dude... freaking cleanses are a BEAST!!! JoJo should be happy that he's even ALIVE after you taking shots of chlo- *barf*- I can't even finish saying that word.


  3. oh, if only our cows were fed grass again, as opposed to corn feed... all of us omnivores might not be constantly struggling with our weight.

  4. LIA- That's TOTALLY COOL!! I'm glad that you are excited to read my BLOG!! Thanks so much for doing that! How do you add links?

    MOMO-YEAH, they are! But they are a bit better with fresh lemons instead of old ones! YUCK! And's over. I didn't feel very cleansed while doing it. I just felt the opposite. So, no more of that for me:) I love your comments!

    OMINAE- TOO TRUE!! I really need to watch this movie already! And get a real cow to feed it good grains. I don't even like eating corn like I used to. My body just rejects it. It's like, "really lady? you know, we're not as young as we used to be. You better be putting Grade A fuel in here if you want us to work for you. None of this corn empty energy crap!" haha...but really...I hear you on the weight thing! Trying to eat less meats because of it.