Thursday, March 4, 2010

I LOVE That you LOVE my MUSIC MIX!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments and actually reading my blog!! It's SO nice to hear people's opinions thoughts and all of that fun stuff!! Thanks for liking my mix of songs Morgan and Jolyn!!

Well, my Sister Morgan requested that I write here it goes...MY thoughts on my MIX!!
As the songs are playing I'm going to comment on them...why I chose them, what they remind me of and yeah, that kind of stuff...

Adventures in Babysitting introduced me to this classic!! And I LOVED the MOVIE as a kid! This song is such a fun tune and is a loose sketch of what happened with me and Joseph. Except he didn't kiss me after he walked me home:) VERY LOOSE ;) And OF COURSE, I dance around and lip sync ALL OF THE TIME when getting ready EVERYDAY! hahaha...ok...not EVERYDAY.

This is my jam from back in 1991!!! Mom and Dad left for NZ for the first time for a visit (Koro's unveiling) and we kids spent it with the family in California. Mainly Uncle Ominae and Aunt Margie. This song (as well as Prince's - Diamonds and Pearls) remind me of all the fun times with them in the Sherman Oaks area. Watching Hook at the dome theatre, eating YUMMY cookies around the corner from that in West-something?, crazy competitive monopoly games, and just thinking that L.A. was so the place to live!! I LOVED the energy of the CITY!! I was 10...what a dreamy age! :)

This is a song I have loved because of the harmonies and the lyrics! I secretly wished that some guy felt like this towards me...and I mean a Cutie, NOT a Troll or SWEET SPIRIT. Yeah...I was barely in the 2 digits of age thinking this way, but yeah, it was a real cool daydream!

OH...Don't you just LOVE that you can watch this video clip of the MOVIE that ALL of us FELL IN LOVE WITH!! (Back when Leo was a freakin little hottie biscotti!) Anyway, this was a MUST HAVE because this movie Eileen and I watched and just became addicted to it! When I moved to New Zealand at the age of 16 I attended Church College of New Zealand. In the CCNZ dorms singing along to this I would think of how much I missed my sister that was back in Arizona, and all of the GREAT times we had being besties. And then, when I was done being sad about missing her and after I met and flirted a bit with Joseph I used to sing this song with Joseph in mind! All the while wishing I was kissing him! Hey, who says that wishes don't come true *wink* *wink*!

I always knew that this is how I would feel about my honey once I finally found him. And in his opinion, I was the one that was the hunter and he the prey. hahaha! I admit it, I made the advances to get the ball moving for our relationship. If left up to him, we'd never have gotten anywhere! :P

I totally blasted this song after I left CCNZ the first time in 1998. I had just spent 10 weeks in 1 class with Joseph (although we didn't sit next to each other or even talk during class, just being in the same class was great for me;) and had gotten to know him just enough for me to really miss him when I was gone, back in Arizona. I really believe that it's the spirits inside us that recognizes our spouses, because, I knew at 16 that I was going to marry him, I just didn't know how that was going to happen, but I didn't worry about it. I felt such an intense draw to him. I just knew that he was it.

This MOVIE ROCKED MY WORLD!! I wanted to be Elena and wanted to marry a ZORRO!! Well, at least he's Tall, Dark and Handsome, right? The title basically says it all. But it was the summer of 1998 that I bought this movie and would watch it every night to listen to the song at the end of it! And then would rewind the song and play it over and over again until I was sleepy! :) And YES...Joseph was the one in my MIND, the WHOLE time I would imagine spending my lifetime with someone:D

Uncle Ominae gave me his Tokens CD when I was living in Imperial Beach, CA with Eileen when I was 19! It was a fun time for us, but also hard because I couldn't find a good job there to help with my end of the bills. But, this song reminds me of the good times we had together! We'd grab some chinese food and share a plate of food at I.B. Beach which was 13 blocks from our place! And of course, I was writing to Joseph snail mail letters while he was on his mission ;)

THIS SONG NAILS the way JOSEPH was to ME!! Except that he just was so shy and didn't really talk much...just smiled sheepishly a LOT!! AHAHA...these LYRICS are EXACTLY how I FELT while DATING HIM!! Although, I loved this song WAY, WAY, WAAAYYYY before I even met HIM! Who would've known that this song was preparing me for my future relationship with my husband to be! WOW...that's FUNNY!!

Once AGAIN, EILEEN is responsible for this song! She had me listen to it once and I was hooked! I loved it so much that I lip-synced to it once as a young married with some of my sibs around! It was a impromptu lip-sync competition. That not an unusual thing for our family;) It's fun and inexpensive entertainment. Needless to say, my young, new husband wasn't used to this and was a bit embarrassed that I was singing this song to him! :D WELCOME TO THE FAMILY of ENTERTAINERS, JOSEPH!! Ah... Good TIMES!

THIS SONG is MY JAM!! I heard this song for the first time when I was a youth transitioning into a YSA. It was such a song that hit my heart strings deep! Not that I am or ever was a rock star like Gwen but I used to desperately hope that I would be able to enjoy a simple life. In my youth, we traveled A LOT and it wasn't very simple at all (as many people's lives aren't.) But, I even from a very young age I would look at people with simple sweet homes and imagine how lovely that would be. Now, living in my own SIMPLE KIND of LIFE, I don't have to imagine anymore, and it's just as beautiful and WAY MORE FUN than, I had ever EXPECTED!! :)

I Fell in LOVE with this song after watching and owning the Movie "Return to Me" with David Duchovny (SO HOT!) and Minnie Driver. The love story of that movie made me think of Joseph and I and how I would hope that in one way or another he'd be able to return to me or vice versa if there was ever an incident with either one of us :) And that we would love each other enough to want to do so ;)

I loved this version of the Beatles hit! It was last year or 2008 summer that I watched this movie one very boring, chore-filled day. And it was an interesting movie, and I definitely found some new favorite covers of the Beatles classics! Her voice is so sweet and sincere, trying to protect her heart from anymore aches.

Eileen is always telling me about awesome artists and she was the one that got me hooked on this band and especially this song! I bumped this song all last summer and it reminds of starting Hair School! YEAH!

I heard this song for the first time on my cousin Lyndsey's mySpace page back in the day, and I LOVED IT!! This was before it was popular like it is now. This song speaks to me as I feel that I am really lucky to be in love with Joseph! He didn't start off as my best friend, but we have been able to gain that status after 8 years of marriage! :) LUCKY...for us! :) haha! Such a sweet little duet! :) LOVE IT!

This is a song that Joseph introduced to me after he fell in LOVE with the movie!! Ok...maybe not in LOVE but he REALLY LIKED it! :) One day I hope to hear Joseph sing this with me! Him on the guitar singing lead and me backing him up! If only he felt more comfortable with his singing talent!! can wish and hope, right?

Joseph and I are hooked on the this little show!:) Since, the first sneak peek last fall we've loved it! And THIS SONG just EPITOMIZES WHY! This makes me laugh EVERY time I watch/hear it! I love the writers for the show, and the actors are GREAT! Mr. Shue's reaction and facials during the song are HILARIOUS!! Can't wait for it to come back in APRIL!! YAY!!

This song is a sweet duet that my 2nd parents as a teenager, the Cox's (Joyce and Leigh) used to sing when we had family talent/sing-along with them (Casey's and the Cox's)! I loved it then and still love it NOW!! I hope to one day to be able to do a really AWESOME ballroom dance with Joseph to this jazzy little ditty! And maybe even Karaoke it with him! :)

I was at Eastern Arizona College with my BF at the time Katie Cox, when this song made an impression in my life. I was in a smaller country town than I had grown up in, and there was a TON of COUNTRY music and dancing. So, this song grew on me! I love the lyrics in this one. Ever since I was a little girl I have gotten into moods and the thing that would always cheer me up as a young girl was my Dad's hug! No matter what, and now that I have grown up something's are still the same, except it's no longer my Dad's hugs, but Joseph's hugs that help me get out of my moods a bit faster! I LOVE CUDDLES and HUGS!!

I didn't know until later that this was Charlie Chapman's song, and that Michael Jackson loved this song. I LOVE this song because when my friend NAKI passed away in Oct of last year, I found it very difficult to be happy. I was fearful of the future, sobbing at every tender and happy moment I would have with my family, wondering how many more I had with them. My heart was aching constantly for his family that he left behind. I just couldn't shake the cloud of sadness that had come over me. I couldn't get off the emotional rollercoaster I was on. This song helped me realize, that although it's really hard to SMILE with a heavy heart, that I needed to practice so that my life wouldn't be consumed with fear and sadness. And yes, I cried about the first 20 times I listened to this song. But slowly, its message penetrated my heart and I was able to see and feel a bit happier! That followed up with the WONDERFUL 2 month visit with my In-laws (Donna and Ivor) helped me get out of the darkness I hadn't realized surrounded me. I HAVE THE BEST IN-LAWS!! How did I get so LUCKY?? you go MORGAN!! It took me and HOUR + to type this post for you! Hope you like it!! A little background of why these songs are on my playlist!



  1. Now, this is a journal entry! The cool thing about this post is that you have not only chronicled the songs you love, but you've described why and the memories attached so that those who know you can know a little more about what constitutes good music in your mind! Not only will a song remind me of you, it will now remind me specifically of why you love it! Thanks for sharing, sis!

  2. Awww! This makes your playlist all the more AWESOME! I remember you telling me about Joseph, and was so HAPPY when you guys officially got together and got married :) <3 ya tons!!!!

  3. Hey Gairyn, I'll have to come back to read this entry! Wow! It looks like a good read! I might find some good insight into some music I love as well!
    I did want to answer your question about adding links. Go into customize at the top right side of your blog home screen. You should see tabs that say "add Gadget" (it may depend on your layout that you chose). Click on "add gadget", if I remember correctly it will give you different options, look for the one that lets you add links to your home page. Mine lets me know when you've posted a new blog entry so I don't have to come back everyday. It's a great time saver and I don't end up missing it when you post.

  4. Um... just so know... I'm STILL listening to this mix. :) I love it....

    Dude, the Zorro song DID rock your world!! I remember you rewinding the tape over and over again! oh thank goodness for technology!!! :) It's such a good freaking song... but the video cracks me up. Why do they only have one mic?

    I love the Glee tunes, and the Beatles song the best... but I can always find whatever song that fits my mood on G-Grooves!! lol! love you sis!!!