Monday, September 19, 2011

What a difference grains make...

This has how I have felt for sometime. now. Like this smiley face, barely keeping it together. Having to bite my lip so that a flood of emotions and tears don't come pouring out. at any given moment. I have been dealing with a LOT of new changes in my life. For the most part I am LOVING my changes. But no matter how good the change is...change is HARD!

So, I was having a chocolate craving day, and thought I would make some no-bake cookies! Oatmeal is NOT as bad as wheat, but come to find out its the number 2 worst grain to eat. I didn't want to accept this fact to be true for myself, so I made a batch of those delicious cookies, anyway. Now,  I see that when I eat oats/grains I get very weepy!! I have NOT been eating grains for a long while now and I have been able to keep it together through some pretty trying times lately. But then, throw in the grains, just a little, back into my diet and BOOM...I am BACK on the emotional roller coaster of my before-paleo-life! That roller coaster ride of fluctuating extreme emotions, although taxing and annoying after a while, was what used to consider to be my norm. Of course,  I NEVER would let anyone else know about it, because I have NEVER heard of anyone else (besides my family) having that constant battle with extreme emotions. I truly understand and know how people can actually be peaceful and patient. And NOT be faking those emotions ALL of the time! I struggled for SO LONG trying to gain that inner peace and patience for myself. I am still on my journey with it, but I can see the many blessings that have been put in my path this past year to help me sincerely feel the peace and patience towards myself that I have been longing to have since I can remember. The best part is that after feeling it truly, I have been learning how to maintain it. Everyone's way in achieving those 2 simple qualities in life is so very unique and very personal. For me, it is all about what I take in. Physically (eating, breathing, seeing, etc), emotionally (people's positive or negative energy, music, etc) and spiritually (inspiration, promptings, meditating, etc). I have to come to appreciate and love the fact that I am a sensitive being. My body has food sensitivities that I never realized/understood that I had, until I started eating the Paleo way. My emotions have become increasingly sensitive with every passing year. My spirituality is ever growing. To maintain my sanity, I have come to realize that it's as simple as what I eat that determines a LOT on how sane and grounded I feel.

I loved grains (breads, pastas, oatmeal, cereal, casseroles, etc) and beans and dairy, so very, very much. But now I see THAT love was pretty much a one-way street.


Well, at least I know, now;)

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