Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wanting more energy...

Ok...I think/hope getting at least 15 minutes in the sun will help my energy levels?? I am dragging SO MUCH lately. It's craziness!! Either I lack a TON of energy or I am just expecting too much of myself, lately. It's probably a little of both. oh yeah...I also need to get "physical...physical!" with work-outs that is. Eating healthy isn't the only thing necessary for amazing energy levels, unfortunately for me. Boo! More sun time, and More exercise. OK.

So, I was moving slowly around today as I did my chores. Cleaning 2 bathrooms, the incredibly STINKY trash can, the kitchen, cooking at least 2 meals, bathing the dog, and cleaning my room. Luckily, my husband came home and made dinner. I was still brushing the dog out when he came home. No lovely aromas when he came through the door. No meat thawing. There was absolutely NO indication of me even thinking of making dinner tonight. Thanks, Man-I-call-husband! Dinner was delish!

Time to get the kids to bed. I always battle with myself with bedtimes this time of year. Do I try to get them into a schedule weeks before school starts and put them to bed early? Or...Do I let them live the rest of the summer days up, by staying up as late as they want until a couple days before school starts?

Well...I gotta get my tired bones to bed as well. Night!

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