Monday, August 8, 2011


I read on Whitney's website about how her dentist agreed with the Primal/Paleo lifestyle being a wonderful way of eating for the health of the mouth and teeth! So, I was excited to take my kids to our dentist today to see how their teeth were doing. I haven't been uber strict on the Primal eating, but we have eating Predominantly Primal, since Spring. This month I laid down the law with "ABSOLUTELY NO GLUTEN" rule. Anyway...back to the dental appointments!

Me and my kids went to the dentist for a semi-annual cleaning, today. Finally. I was supposed to schedule our appointments in May or June. Oops! Life happens. It's summer. We have been enjoying summer by traveling, pool time, and just chilling out!! 2 months overdue not so bad. Right?

All of our appointments went wonderfully!! Not a single cavity for any of us. The dentist was really surprised by the lack of plaque and other fuzzy stuff that is usually found on clients' teeth. I was soooo excited to hear that! I wanted to let him and his staff know of the NEW way I was choosing to eat for me and my family, and how I read Whitney's blog about her babies dentist appointment, and all of the wonderful side effects living Primal has, etc, etc. But, alas, my mouth was preoccupied with being cleaned, so I will have to tell them next visit.

I must let you all know that my Dad has really strong and healthy teeth and I, luckily, inherited that gene for strong teeth. After today's visit I know that my prayers for my kids inheriting my strong teeth gene were not in vain!! That mixed with a Primal lifestyle, I won't feel obligated to go back to the dentist for another year! Forget the 6 months routine. Then, again, I really do like the feel and look of freshly polished teeth:) So...we'll see!?

Real quick before I sign off for the day...I really enjoyed taking photos with my sister because I noticed that I liked the way I looked! I felt good about myself feeling healthy, being a bit slimmer (I have only lost inches not so much weight being Primal), and definitely having a bit of color on my skin was a definite added bonus. My mind was the thing that surprised me the most. Usually, even if I am looking great, my mind will pick apart each and every photo in disgust of how I don't look. I know it was a terrible thing, but for some reason I had this unreal idea of what I was supposed to look like for so long stored somewhere deep inside myself, that I was never able to live up to that crazy idea and expectation. Since, I turned 30 I have been really trying hard to be more patient with myself, more genuine, and definitely more real about what I want from myself and life. The 4 Agreements and The Mastery of Love really helped me with a lot of my mind games and issues with myself worth/appearance. I love being me and being free of silly, unnecessary, and unreal expectations from myself or anyone else. Good Night!

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