Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday School STINKS!!

Whether it's for driving school, High School, Hair School or whatever, Saturday School well and TRULY STINKS! (And yes, I have gone to Saturday driving school ;)

I usually go to school from Mon-Fri! But I decided that I needed more hours to try and graduate from Hair School earlier. Late October instead of mid-November. So, I am subbing for a girl who goes to school Tues-Sat. to try and get to my 2000 hours FASTER!

I have REALIZED that I can NO LONGER be at school on Saturdays. My Saturdays are like GOLD to me! I miss being with my family on the one day of the weekend that we can go shopping, or to a family movie, or something that requires spending money without feeling a little guilty about it:) Sundays are rarely a day of rest. It's usually the my last ditch effort day to try to organize/clean the house to prepare for the up-coming week. I know that I am supposed to try and do that on Saturday, but the reality is IT DOESN'T HAPPEN! And even with that, Sunday isn't quite working out as well I had hoped. The house is still in need of some TLC:{
So, I have realized that a day of rest from school responsibility is definitely not enough for me!! I need 2 days of REST and time RECLAIM my house from pending chores:)

Anyway, this'll probably be the last Saturday in a LONG LONG LONG time that I'll be at school! Because, as we all know... SATURDAY SCHOOL STINKS!


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  2. Saturday School does stink. Good call.

  3. Gairyn-I found your blog through Abby's.

    I vote for a three day weekend every week! That's the only way I can get stuff done!

  4. I was excited to see you made a comment on Abby's blog! YAY you are blogging... welcome!!! You are so cute, I have enjoyed reading all that you have to say!