Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh...Sweet Sleep!

How I love thee, let me count the ways!

YES...SLEEP and I have had a very close relationship all of my life! I have always needed a nap and have always been happier when running on a full 8 hr. + good night's rest. As I have gotten older, life has given me more responsibility and independence. Yet, those 2 things have gotten in the way of my necessary sleeping patterns. I wish there were more opportunities to catch up with my good friend, sleep:)

Well, today was one of those WONDERFUL DAYS!!! YAY!! :D I didn't sleep in, but I was able to take a long, very restful morning nap. Followed by some chill family activities. Ending it with the family watching a movie.

GOOD IDEA : Movie night with the family.
BAD IDEA : Watching 2012 (END of the WORLD kind of stuff) with the girls before bed!

So, needless to say our little Caydi girl is really concerned about the end of the world, now. So, Joseph and I will have some explaining to do tomorrow! :) And we'll probably wake up with the whole family in bed! As for the movie, it I have a different idea of how it's all going to go down in 2012. But, it did help me think about my emergency preparedness and food storage again!

But for now, I am so grateful for the beautiful cool evenings with the really lovely warm days, enjoying this lovely time with my family and friends, peaceful living, breathing easily through both nostrils, and yes, being able to visit with my good friend sleep for another day :)

I LOVE 3 DAY WEEKENDS!! 2 more days of lovely, much needed rest! YAY!!


  1. LMAO!!!! Poor Caydi!!!! Ahahahahaha!!! I can just imagine....