Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Considering changing settings to private...

So, once I figure out how to do that I am totally going to!! Just a heads up to anyone who'd like to still be my blogspot friend:)


  1. I'd like to continue to read as long as you're writing!
    And I can tell you how to make the switch if you'd like.
    You'll need peoples e-mail addresses to add them as readers. I think you can have up to 100. I'll FB message you my e-mail address.

  2. Thanks Auntie Lia!!

    Can I be invited to yours as well? I too will send you my e-mail addy on FB!:) Thanks, so much for the post!!

    How was the CONCERT??? Can't WAIT to see pictures!!

    Thanks for the heads up about e-mail addresses! I had NO IDEA how to invite the people:)

  3. Count me in...I still want to read.

  4. I am also considering it! Make sure I get invited!!!

    Lindsey Francom